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1250mm 8hi Cold Rolling Mill

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  • Manufacturer: Chinese

Type of Mill                                                8-Hi Reversing Cold Rolling Mill


Material                                              Stainless Steel Strips in Coils series 200, 300, 400         


Strip Width                                         700 mm minimum

                                                            1250 mm maximum


Input Strip Thickness                         1.5 mm to 4.0 mm maximum for low carbon steel


Output Strip Thickness                      0.25 mm minimum to 0.40 mm maximum


Input Coil Diameters                          Inside           500mm -- 610 mm with adapter plates

                                                            Outside        1000 mm minimum to 1800 mm maximum


Output Coil Diameters                       Inside           500 mm

                                                            Outside        1000 mm minimum to 1800 mm maximum


Coil Weight                                         22 MT  maximum


Mill Speed                                          130 m/min maximum


Max. Roll Separating Force                16,000kN


Reel Tension                                       300 kN maximum