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1300mm Tension Leveling Line with Skin Pass Mill

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  • Manufacturer: Siemens Clecim
  • Year: 1989

Material: cold rolled strip, annealed cold rolled strip and hot deep
 galvanized strip

Manufacturer: Siemens VAI Clecim

Year: 1989


Strip width: 600 - 1300 mm

Strip thickness: 0.2 - 1.5 mm

Material Yield Point: 200 - 500 N/mm2

Material Tension Strength: 300 - 700 N/mm2

Leveler Tensionmax.: 15,000 daN

Strip elongation (two high D-Mill): max. 5%

Strip elongation (tension leveler): max. 2%

Four High Temper Mill
Hydraulic pressure: max. 1.000 t

Note: This line is constructed for continuous strip tempering and leveling.
These two basic line units
may be used together or separately, depending on the characteristics of
material needed.
Included is the perpendicular cutting and strip edge slitting as well as the
electro-static strip oiling.