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320mm wide Sendzimir Mill

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  • Manufacturer: SKODA
  • Year: 1985
Sendzimir 20-Hi Reversing Cold Rolling Mill SKODA
Model VD16-37x400
Previously used for Stainless Steel

Year of Manufacture 1985
Min/Max Strip Width 150 – 320mm
Max. Width Entry 340mm
Thickness , Entry 3,5mm
Thickness, Exit 0,05mm
Coil Weight 2.500 Kg
Coil I.D. 400 + 500mm
Coil O.D. Min-Max 680-1.250mm
Rolling speed 8,6 m/sec, 520m/min
Work- and Back-up Rolls, Diam. 37/54/94mm
Barrel Length 150-340mm
Output 1.750 Kg/Hr
Coil Diam. 400-440-500mm
Tension 41,5KN
Speed, Max. 2,09 M/sec
Drive motor 105 KW